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Welcome to to, the official website of the McGlinchey Association, which incorporates the McGlinchey Summer School. The Summer School was set-up in 1998 to promote the local culture and traditions of Inishowen and the Northwest. Promoting The Culture And Heritage Of Inishowen'



McGlinchey Update

After 10 great years, the annual McGlinchey Summer School is now in suspended animation and awaiting a new group of enthusiasts to re-awaken it.  

Meantime the McGlinchey Association continues to promote Inishowen’s heritage in a modest way. Some financial and moral support is being made available to like-minded groups (such as the Macklin School) and to heritage and memorial projects in Clonmany parish.

Of special concern is the need to conserve that well loved landmark, the magnificent O’Doherty castle at Carraig a’ Brachaidhe. The association has commissioned initial archaeological and engineering studies to enable a local campaign for conservation of the ruins to start before it is too late. 

The McGlinchey Association committee continues to meet regularly and can be contacted on


January 2010 











his year, as all Donegal commemorates the fourth Centenary of the Flight of the Earls,the Mc Glinchey Summer School takes this opportunity to explore Inishowen at that time of our history